The debut of the Tedeschi wine archive was recently launched at the winery. The organoleptic legacy is now open to collectors, those working in the haute cuisine sector, and wine lovers.  The newly debuted Tedeschi wine archive was opened in a hall that can be accessed by descending a large helical staircase from the entrance floor. This “library” of labels produced across the years tells the story of the enological evolution of Valpolicella and the longevity of the Amarone wine. The hall is a true treasure for collectors from all over the world, a tool to hone the knowledge of specialized workers, and an opportunity for those working in haute cuisine to take the next step in the creation of their wine lists. Within this hall, one can discover the countless faces of the “Tedeschi style” and the effect of time, which is still being explored, on the most iconic wine of Valpolicella.  The archive holds approximately 6,800 bottles of a total of approximately 27,000 bottles of older vintage wines. In addition to tastings, vintage wines from the 2000s are available for sale. Earlier vintages, which are scarcer in quantity, are destined for exclusive vertical tastings.