July ended with a fantastic digital tasting dedicated to the Alois Lageder Comete wines. It was an ambitious project that took the famous Alto Adige company’s concept of experimentation to the extreme. A group of journalists had the chance to taste three of the new Cometes, which were fresh on the market these past few months, and were able to talk with Alois Clemens Lageder who was speaking about the project. Over the last few months in particular, we were able to maintain high the national and international trade press’s interest in “our” Companies’ new harvests and projects. A big thanks goes to the journalists and influencers who dedicated some of their time to us during lockdown, as well as the Companies, who managed to find time in their busy diaries in the vineyard and wineries to cooperate. They were all open to this new tasting formula aimed at breaking through the barriers of lockdown!

It was an opportunity to go forward and make up for the lack of events, trade shows and Winery visits and has turned out to be a new instrument we believe can be used in the future due to its practicality and because it worked so well. But we can’t wait to see everyone again in real life to discover the history, passion and projects that are behind every producer.