At Euroluce, the International Lighting Exhibition (Fiera Milano Rho, April 18-23, 2023) Axolight rolls out its new collection of lamps that encapsulate its vision of light and design. Inspired by the socio-cultural and architectural trends of the many societies that make up today’s world, the Axolight collections are long-lasting eloquent products, where design fuses with function and quality in a light fixture engineered to endure.  From the interplay of arrangements – based on the concept of modularity – in creating flexible lighting systems, to the value of iconic styles that have written design history, and to the technical solutions that shake up stylistic barriers in indoor and outdoor design, constructing a unique aesthetic identity, all of the Axolight collections benefit from ongoing research in lighting engineering and from partnerships with internationally acclaimed designers.  The values of the lighting brand were perfectly expressed in the ‘Sempli-city’ design concept of the new stand, an inclusive micro-world designed by Studio Milo.  A separate world is devoted to each collection presented at Euroluce, a little “bungalow” that populates the micro-city, decorated with artistic trompe-l’œil by the Italian illustrator Marta Lonardi. Each world, surrounded by its own green zone, arouses a different emotion thanks to the skillful use of neutral colors and natural materials that valorize the product. It is a fluid, intuitive path which clearly illustrates the different possible uses of the Axolight lamps, from the smaller proposals for the home to the larger formats designed for more ample spaces.