On the 25th of September, Milan has hosted a press conference to present a Social campaign by Transitions, brand leader in the photocromatic lenses field, that is, a selection of “photosensitive” lenses – clearer indoors, darker outdoors. Even though until now photocromatic lenses were considered a product thought exclusively for people over 45, today they aim to reach a younger target, too: millennials, a generation that counts 13 million individuals in Italy whose age goes from 23 to 38.
That’s the origin of #lovelight, an influencer project by Transitions featuring a top influencer followed by over one million people: Federica Pellegrini. Starting from September 2019, we’ll see Federica Pellegrini wearing Transitions lenses in her everyday life through the Instagram profile (@kikkafede88). The team is completed by other 4 influencers who have 200K-250K followers and reflect a similar variety of styles: Irene Colzi (@ireneccloset) interprets the fashion side and the colours; Digital Modern Family (@digitalmodernfamily) will give some space to the lifestyle experiences told by a mum, a dad and a daughter; Giovanni Masiero (@giovannimasiero), model and athlete, will reveal the sport-glamourous soul of the brand; the geek and e-games youtuber Jacopo D’Alesio (@jakidale) will express Transitions’ technologic and brilliant side.