In order to lend meaning to what we are today, we need to look back, all the way to our roots, and start from there to understand the journey that has brought us thus far. It is a powerful realization, more necessary today than ever before, an awareness that adds purpose to the quest for identity and responsibility that Blackfin undertook years ago. The new 2021 advertising campaign adds a new layer of meaning to this journey. TO THE ROOTS: only by returning to our essence, that is, only by digging deep into our origins can we gain full awareness of our own state of wholeness. Thanks to the location, the message is conveyed in a subtle but assertive manner. Venice’s Laguna Nord is still pristine. A place-not-place constantly in motion between land and sea, where nature is real, pure and, at the same time, fragile. The laguna is a lung that, following the rhythm of the tides, purifies itself every six hours in an endless rise and fall that epitomizes – during this time in which we are overwhelmed by a terrible storm – how fragility is the only way to stay in balance. But to be in balance, one must be solid, that is, have roots and be aware of possessing them.