Cavazza, before being winemakers we are farmers. This is where you can find the essence of the Montebello Vicentino winery: in the heart of the Berici hills, in this little-known territory but intimately dedicated to the god Bacchus. This is where the fourth generation of the Cavazza family told their story, at a lunch organized for the press, in the shadow of the Madonnina. To accompany their wines and their authentic and truthful storytelling, they have chosen Il Nuovo Macello (which translates to “The New Slaughterhouse”), a gourmet location off the radar of the Milanese culinary snobs, but in the empyrean of those places devoted to the Milanese culinary tradition – where the true adepts of good food can feel at home. Doing the honors were Stefano and Mattia Cavazza, the former representing the commercial soul and the latter the oenological soul of the winery, who equally shared the stage. Stefano told the history of the winery, from their ancestors to today, in an emotional journey from the arrival in Gambellara to the sale of their horse to buy the first preparatory machinery for viticulture; Mattia illustrated the wines during the tastings: from the Durello that welcomed the guests, an excellent drinkable bubble, then the Bocara – pure Garganega, free expression of the volcanic hills of the Gambellara DOC -, to the Corallo 2020 which excellently accompanied a Milanese risotto with sweetbreads. Meanwhile, the Cicogna Merlot was paired with the half Milanese cutlet. To close the show, a pastry classic: a “sbrisolona” cake in a perfect match with the Recioto Capitel 2020, from grapes dried in “picai”, braids of bunches hung for a week. Calories per glass? Better not to ask if you are on a diet. A tasty opportunity – beyond the perfectly constructed menu paired with the wines of the Vicenza winery – to also present the Brand Book, a tangible summary of the rebranding work implemented with the support of Marco Corona, the agency’s creative mind EY STUDIO. A relaunch project that starts from the image of the winery, but which “has positive repercussions beyond the property gate and on the entire territory”. The restyling was studied starting from the old family coat of arms: from there, began the journey towards contemporaneity. After the Milanese debut, they re waiting to meet the press again first at Prowein and then at Vinitaly, always with the aim of communicating their thinking: Cavazza, before being winemakers we are farmers.