Villa Santo Stefano is the choice of Wolfgang Reitzle who, after many years as manager for leading car manufacturers in Germany, made the decision to produce his own wine and oil amongst the hills of Lucca, a land with a mild climate and generous harvests. Born in Neu-Ulm in Germany, Reitzle used to spend his summers in Italy with his family as a child. His passion for Tuscany led him to purchase Villa Bertolli, which should just have been a house to spend a few months in with his wife, Nina Ruge, in Tuscany but turned out to be transformed into an agricultural company dedicated to the production of oil and wine. Today the company produces around 50.000 bottles of wine and 2.000 liters of extra virgin olive oil in its 12 hectares of land, and its management pays special attention to the environment, as well as having a specially dedicated area for hospitality.