The flagship winery in Corvino San Quirico opened its doors to a select group of journalists.

On 18 and 19 October, Tenuta Mazzolino – 20 hectares gently nestled in the Oltrepò Pavese DOC hills, on the right bank of the river Po, along the 45th parallel – welcomed a group of journalists for a special event: to celebrate together the forty harvests, opening historical vintages of their flagship wine, NOIR, a fine and elegant Pinot Nero. Historic vintages have been opened in the private winery of Enrico Braggiotti, founder, mind and heart of the estate, now led by his niece Francesca Seralvo. In addition to being an opportunity to meet friends and the press, the vertical tasting on 19 October – led by Filippo Bartolotta with the support of Francesca and Stefano Malchiodi, oenologist of the winery – gave the opportunity to learn something new from the evolution of wines over time, to appreciate the nuances of the different vintages and to discuss the incredible ecosystem from which they come. Dinner on the 18th was organized by Oreste Corradi – patron of Locanda Vecchia Pavia al Mulino, a long-time friend of the winery and its staff. After many years in the business and a Michelin star guarded since 1988, Oreste decided to close the restaurant, but continue to work on special projects, such as that of Tenuta Mazzolino.