A jewelled winery in Capalbio, 50 hectares nestled between Capalbio and the sea; an exceptional location – Park Hyatt – and a fine dining Milanese restaurant – Pellico 3 – with a talented chef at the helm, Guido Paternollo, who offers colourful, modern cuisine; all with a story to tell from its origins to the present day. Plus the presence of the protagonists, Julia and Georg Weber, owners of the estate. It’s a done deal! A press lunch with a ten or so wine, tourism and lifestyle journalists – turned into the sharing of a story: how Monteverro was born, how it has evolved and how its wines have evolved, the storytelling evolved through the tasting of some significant vintages of the flagship references – Chardonnay, Tinata, Terra di Monteverro and the Monteverro – up to 2019, the first with organic certification, which is the seal on a virtuous path. This gathering was filled with many talks, smiles, plans for the future and the sharing of impressions about wines and the world of wine. A press lunch is always a time for reflection and in-depth discussion between the various protagonists. The next step is the winery visit. Stay Tuned.