The leading wine of the winery, COR RÖMIGBERG Cabernet Sauvignon, offered in six historic vintages: a limited edition for true enthusiasts “Wines from historic vintages are comparable to elderly people who have remained young in spirit”, this is the comparison with which Alois Lageder presents the exclusive RARUM project. “These wines have an extraordinary personality, a very special aura; through the aging process a wine reveals its secret, the interaction between place, climate, vinification and time, that’s why every year we select wine for our RARUM assortment. and the vintages with the best characteristics and, for the 2020 collection we have chosen our leading wine COR RÖMIGBERG Cabernet Sauvignon in six historic vintages ” Fans of the sector and collectors will be able to purchase the special packaging at the Paradeis Winery of the Estate or in the best wine shops, thus comparing the styles and characteristics of the best vintages of COR RÖMIGBERG Cabernet Sauvignon, observing its development and aging potential. For the occasion, an elegant wooden box with a very particular uncorking / capping bottle was chosen, in a limited edition.