The Marmor Natvm collection, “birth of stone”, by Gwenael Nicolas – Curiosity Tokyo, for Budri, was conceived as a tribute to the poetry of nature. The combination of sophisticated technology and excellent craftsmanship leads to the birth of new stones. Marble decomposes and recomposes itself, becomes alive, expressing itself in new models and shapes. An explosion of tiny inlays, designer brushstrokes whose sophisticated manufacturing process vanishes, leaving only traces of its origins. White and black marbles alternate with bright geometries. The stones in sinuous and light movement free the mind from the preconception of hardness and rigidity. The marbles are inlaid with each other and with skilled craftsmanship and extraordinary ability they represent the primitive origin of the stone, the tremor of the earth that gives rise to the rock, the explosion of marble like a real Big Bang. The collection includes living tables, consoles, lamps, mirrors and bookcases. Complements that leave a strong and decisive trace within the space like the last brushstroke on the artist’s canvas.