On Wednesday 15th July, Budri presented the Intarsio Capsule Collection designed by Valerio Cometti at its Foro Bonaparte showroom in Milan. The Capsule Collection is inspired by the world of architecture; a new language created by rich patterns in meaning that bring, for the first time in the world, artistic inlay into eyewear. The collection evokes, in fact, three eras of great artistic prestige: Baroque, Neoclassicism and Renaissance. The three shapes dedicated to Bernini, Canova and Donatello feature inlays inspired by the richness of the floors of these eras. Once again Budri speaks thus of architecture, of extraordinary surfaces that have coexisted with man for hundreds of years, wear out over time, but acquire value and beauty with each passing day. Precious masterpieces born thanks to the company’s mastery in marble processing and inlay technique.