Budri – on the occasion of the Milan Design Week 2023 – presented at its showroom in Foro Bonaparte 60 the new Aquarel collection, designed by Patricia Urquiola, that comes from an unusual symbiosis between the Classic Roman Travertine and the Iranian White Onyx. An outstanding combination between a material widely used in architecture for its strength and durability and the delicacy of White Onyx, interpreted in this collection in watercolor shades. 

The chromatic nuances in pastel tones contrast with the porosity and apparent roughness of Travertine, in a harmonious coexistence of colors and shapes of artistic allure. The skillful combination of colors with warm tones that fade into cold tones becomes a large painter’s canvas characterized by the uniqueness of each brushstroke.

The collection consists of two Dining Tables of different sizes, a Low Table, a Paravent, a Wall Cladding, as well as the majestic Aquarel Artwork and  accessories that enrich the tables.